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More Screen-Free Resources

Written by 04 May 2015
Did you know Screen-Free used to be called "No TV Week"?
In preparing for Screen-Free Week, I thought I would reflect on our workshop last week: “Screen to Green—No Child Left Inside.”  As you read, you'll find that going Screen-to-Green isn't an all or nothing thing.  It's more like "Go Green or Go Home...and get Creative!" Mike Mann facilitated a wonderful presentation for us last week. As far as encouraging parents to get their children outside more and in front of screens less, Mike knew he was “preaching to the choir” with the MECC audience. However, the type of information he shared, and the interactives he had parents participate in were really quite enlightening and refreshing. I encourage you to watch the video here on VIMEO, but read on for some highlights: “Turn off your TV week” changed Mike’s life to the point of quitting his job to become a professional story-teller. He now works for “Center for Imagination.” Story telling…

Get Ready for Screen Free Week

Written by 24 April 2015
This year MECC will be participating in National Screen-Free Week, May 4-10th. With increasing research on the effect of media and screen-time on children, I propose we give Screen-Free Week a try this May. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this nationwide event, here is a sampling from to describe its scope: “Screen-Free Week is a nationwide event sponsored by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and celebrated by schools, families, and other civic and community groups each year. During Screen-Free Week, millions of children and adults pledge to spend seven days screen-free. Instead of watching TV or playing video games, they tend to read, play, think, create, get physically active, and spend more time with friends and family.” If you are interested in participating in any way, please keep in tune to our Mayflower Memo, the PRC bulletin,, and our website/blogs. The focus should be…

Summer Fun Options

Written by Stephanie Melander 17 April 2015
Besides the wonderful unstructured outdoor play that MN summers provide, there are some great structured options!  Whether it's Mayflower ECC Summer Program or hidden affordable gems in the community, now's the time to get signed up. Check out these lists of ideas for the Minneapolis (and some St Paul) area.  Send me ideas if you don’t see things here!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Skip to the bottom for more links to places that I haven’t checked out yet! For especially FREE options: Hennepin county library—check out what’s going on at a library near you that day!  Hidden gems! You might even just visit some of the places below for a field trip or drop-in options! Mom/Dad and Me (for babes and little ones): Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) Children’s Theatre MN Zoo Dodge Nature Center Ensemble Ages 2-5: (Many of these would work to just drop in and have fun!) Minneapolis Institute…
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