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On Wednesday, Oct 14, we completed the second of two special parent workshop led by Cheryl Troxel entitled “The Expected and the Dysfunctional: Dealing with Child-to-Child Sexual Behavior.”  Cheryl provided some helpful handouts out of which she drew our attention to some specific points.  She then opened it up to the parent audience to begin asking questions. Here is a transcript of the first session with some resources below.  A video recording of the second session will be posted in a follow-up blog that will include more resources from her. A few notes from Cheryl Troxel on child-to-child sexual abuse: Children may not know that what they are doing is harmful.  Coerciveness is when it gets really harmful.  Children need to repeat what they see or are exposed to. “Good touch, Bad touch” --a little too dichotomized. You don’t want to shame or have negativity to be associated with touch too…

All Joy and No Fun?

Written by Leah Vestermark Popova 03 September 2015
One of the first things you'll see upon entering the PRC is the wall of books.  I think most might say that it is an impressive collection for a preschool, and you may be one who is ready to dive into finding answers for your questions.  But others, like Jennifer Senior, author of All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, may have a different reaction.  To her, seeing the parenting section in a bookstore is like looking at "a giant candy-colored monument to our collective panic." Is parenting a state of crisis for you? Having taught young children for eight years, I certainly am thankful for all that I learned.  It truly helped inform my parenting, and I have hundreds of children in my memories to give me perspective on the one I happened to create.  But I certainly have had my moments of panic--"What do I…

Fly Up...Children & Parents

Written by 21 May 2015
Today we had our annual Fly Up ceremony to honor the kindergartners moving on to first grade!

Going Off-line

Written by 04 May 2015
Let your online community know why you’re not available – and urge them to join the offline fun!
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