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Create Your Own Sunshine

Written by 01 May 2014
It is critical that you learn how to do this.  Weather like the kind we have been having lately is a magnet for Debbie Downer thoughts, and it’s important to know how to keep perspective.  Otherwise, one gloomy brain-cloud spreads quickly to another, and if you’re anything like me then it’s only a matter of time before the storm breaks. So how do you keep perspective?  Start with something simple—the thought of a little chocolate treat often does the trick for me.  Or maybe you decide to put on your sweater and raincoat and walk around the block.  Breathe consciously and slowly 3 consecutive times in a row.  Listen to a favorite song.  Search Google for Sun images.  These little steps allow the positive synapses to start connecting and collecting more positive thoughts. Sometimes this is easy.  And sometimes it feels like putting on the breaks to a huge sea…


Written by 25 April 2014
Great News!  MECC’s long awaited online library catalog is here! Now you can view the Parent Resource Center Lending Library online!   All the books in the Lending Library of the Parent Resource Center (PRC) have now been entered into an online library catalog called LibraryThing.  Any one or any organization with a library can use this site.  (Find out more about LibraryThing at  We hope that you will use it to peruse our library online, share your reviews, and start some conversations with other Mayflower Parents and Staff! Here’s how: If you want to simply view Mayflower Early Childhood Center’s LibraryThing catalog (member name “Mayflowerchildren”), you can click on this link: This will allow you to view our library as a whole, or by category.**   The categories that we have listed in our LibraryThing (LT) catalog are the same categories that we have organized in our actual…

Earth Day

Written by 22 April 2014
There are plenty of stories out there about how our lifestyle choices affect the environment. It’s important for children to understand the impact that some of our choices can make, but we want to take care not to burden them with some of the problems we face as adults. It IS however very important to model stewardship on a daily basis. There are lots of ways to do this, and much of it you can find online. Here are some highlights: Choose cloth/reusable bags instead of plastic. (Powerful slide show here.) Pick up litter when you can. Minnesota springs are notorious for showing all the litter that got buried under the snow. Now that we can walk around more, make it a habit to carry some kind of bag (and maybe plastic gloves) that you can use to pick up trash and even recycle it. Avoid letting tap water run…
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