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Thriving MN Winters

Written by 20 November 2014
How To Thrive During MN Winters A few Parent Hours ago, some parents joined me in discussing how to not only survive, but thrive during our long winters.  Here is the summary of that conversation: HEALTH: Food, Rest, Vitamins, Exercise, and Hydration are all a must.  Vitamin D especially—you can take this all year! Roast Vegetables, make soups, and bake bake bake with your children! Two notes about exercise: • ONE: 15 minutes a day.  Vigorous.  Do it.  Jumping jacks, run, Zumba, swim, stairs, ski, pull your children on a sled on a brisk walk.  Be sure to stretch, too. • TWO: If you live in MN, you must find an OUTDOOR activity you like to do. OUTSIDE DURING WINTER: OH, the weather outside is NOT frightful the more you are prepared for it.  Get out of your own mind-bias about winter.  It’s more enjoyable than you might think! REI rents skis…

Parent Hours in the PRC

Written by 07 October 2014
Have you heard? Every Friday morning (or last day of the week at MECC during school closings) parents are invited to have a warm beverage after drop-off and to check out what’s going on during the Parent Hour.  It could be a reading or book discussion; it could be watching a selected Montessori video or a TED talk of interest; it could be a special staff guest ready to lead a conversation about life with a preschooler; or it could be a surprise game of poker. Ok, well maybe not poker.  But learning a new game to play isn’t a bad idea either for these PRC Parent Hours. ;) We’ve already kicked up the beginnings to a reading group (discussed in my last blog), had Nanci Olesen visit as a special guest, and played a video on the legacy of Maria Montessori.  Now it’s time to introduce our line-up of Lead…

MECC Parent Reading Group

Written by 18 September 2014
In this third week of school, your family may be starting to settle into the swing of things.

Parenting in the Guilt Free Zone

Written by 08 September 2014
You made it. Way to go EVERYONE, parents and children, for completing the first week of school!
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