Here is a great video to remind you (or inspire you!) about why your child is here: Peer to Peer Learning. Peer to peer learning is one of the cornerstones of Montessori education--and truly a foundation for the love of learning.  Socialization is all about who we are as humans, and feeling connected to the people around us creates not only a feeling comfort and belonging, but a sense of responsibility for the role we play in that community.  Watch how these children help each other and at the same time preserve a child's sense of dignity and independence.        

Montessori Education Week

Written by Leah Popova 29 February 2016
In lieu of a Parent Hour this week (No school on Friday due to Conference), we want to link you to some easy reads and video-views to help you celebrate Montessori Education Week this week!  Montessori Education Week is an annual event designed to promote increased awareness and respect for all children. As Montessorians, we know one of the best ways to engage and excite is to tell a story. Whether you’re a practitioner, parent, child, or fan, you can get involved and tell YOUR Montessori story. Members of our community have already shared their stories about their experiences with Montessori. (Parents, student turned teacher).  Check this one out from a pair of Montessori parents....of 17 years! Click here. Anyone else want to share your story?  Let us know!  Email Leah Popova at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . As we move along this week, check out our website blog "PARENThesis" to view other stories and…
This Thanksgiving holiday inspired me to share with you something very simple that you can do today, or any day, with whomever you spend any amount of time. During this time especially, many of us get together with those that mean something to us—even if the relationship is not always an easy one.  We get together to eat and talk and spend time together and reflect a little about what it is we are most grateful for.  Why not spend a little extra time getting to know each other just a little bit better? All it takes is a little respect, some courage, and a big listening ear. Ask a few simple questions like: “What are you most proud of?”  “Is there a moment in your life that significantly changed you?” Or any question that pops to mind.  Then just listen. Really listen.  Simply listen.  Then ask another question as…
In this blog: "The Expected and the Dysfunctional" 2nd session video with Cheryl Troxel, plus book and website resources.   Here is the video recording of our second session with Cheryl Troxel on October 14, 2015:   Total run time: ~75min Part 1 Part 3 Part 3   Book and Website resources for Parents--compiled by Cheryl Troxel Books on Boundaries/Touch for Kids (*A few of these we will be ordering for the PRC lending library):   Anatomy and Sex Education:   For Parents:   Helpful Websites:  
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